Mar 1, 2015

February on Instagram


Just this little, probably boring post. I'm in the middle of depression because I don't know if I'm supposed to be studying for my graduation exam (of course I'm supposed to!) or if I should rather read 50 shades darker. Not to mention, that I didn't read it before. What a shame! Well every time I'm not studying I'm having regrets for not studying.  Anyways sorry for not being so active lately. Guess it'll be like this for a while now :( but really thank you all for being here with me!

 Ariana Grande moment

 Prom fellaz!

 Trying this new adventure, oatmeal!


 Homemade pizza!

 Coconut water

 Prom once again

 Snuggle time!

Cutest cat ever!

xx, Adel


  1. What a cute cat, it looks like mine: Maya :)

  2. OMG you look beautiful at prom Adel! And that homemade pizza looks delicious, I'm hungry now! Great feed gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. great post ;).

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  4. Love your pets their so cute! Good luck in your graduation exam!


  5. Que bonitas están todas las fotos!!

    Saludos desde Rep. Dom

  6. nice photos! looked like a great february!


  7. Hey Adel! I wanted to write to you here just to make sure that you see my comment. I just read what you wrote to me and I was really touched. I know you've been following me for a while (recently on Instagram) and I thank you for that! It's amazing, even though I gave up the English writing. It was not something that I did on purpose, it just got very tiring for me and since most of my readers are Romanians, well, I just stopped writing in english. Not sure if that was indeed a good move (especially when I get so emotional from comments like yours!) but hey, that's that. However, I love your comments and I know you're always there to support me, even though I don't always answer your comments (I'm a mess, busy schedule, work and stuff - but I do read them all) and I'm always like "awwww, look, Adel is still following me". Ok, I'm rambling. Just wanted to thank you and to tell you how much I appreciate your support. And if I ever come to Prague (God help me!) I will definitely let you know and maybe we could meet :)


  8. Hey, I love your blog and it looks like you had an amazing february! Sheree xx

  9. tá fotka s copíkom á la Ariana super!

  10. Awesome photos!!!!!

    Thanks for the comment, dear!!!!

  11. s učením si hlavu nelámej, ono to půjde :))
    jinak pěkný příspěvěk ;)

  12. kitty's too cute...


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  13. wow such a lovely post! great job x

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  14. Lovely photos! Beautiful cat! <3

  15. To jsou moc hezký fotky, já už jsem dlouho nedělala článek z fotek, co se mi nahromadily v mobilu, nebo na insta a nebo jsem je nikde nepoužila, teď jsi mi úplně vnukla nápad zase nějaký takový článek udělat. :-) D Ě K U J I Z A I N S P I R A C I !

    Jestli budeš mít náladu se zapojit do mé GIVEAWAY na blogu, budu jen ráda. :-)

  16. It's so beautiful and inspiring!

    Diana Cloudlet

  17. Looks like a great week!