Jan 22, 2017

July 2016 | Toulouse

In July I was invited by a friend to spend few days with him in Toulouse, France. It was during celebration for Bastille day, so the plan was clear, I need to see some fireworks.
I arrived the night before, so I crushed into bed immediately. The next day, I slept for twelve hours. No idea why. But after a quick breakfast we got to the car and traveled to Albi, to see fireworks, which I've been told are amazing. Along the way we stopped in Montauban, amazing little city with great architecture. After little walk and loads of photos we stopped for lunch before we continued to Albi.
Albi is amazing city that kinda feels like some village from Tuscany, with donkeys and little narrow streets. After dinner Vincent begun to be a little anxious to catch a good spot for view. Unfortunately he was dressed light so I offered we can be in car and drive to some higher place so we can see.
Fireworks were amazing, full of colours and energy. So to speak :D

The next day we hit the town. It wasn't that much to go through, Toulouse is very little city. But I loved how friendly everybody was. In Prague people are always in a hurry, always mad at something, rarely keen to help. In Toulouse everyone was so easy going, friendly and always smiling.

Third and last day we went to a beach. It was almost 2 hour drive from Toulouse but totally worth it. As we were getting closer I saw amazing fields and plains that looked like covered in ashes. Only after that I discovered that there actually was a fire a day before. Sea was cold, but felt amazing. Vincent didn't liked beaches and sea that much so he wasn't at the same wave with me, but I enjoyed it anyways.

Leaving wasn't as sad as I thought it would be. I was happy to go home after all. But now when I remember what I saw and what I enjoyed I miss it so much.

Toulouse was amazing. I can't wait to come back one day.

Till next time, 
Love, Adel

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  1. wow amazing pics, i'd love to o there once <3