Jul 24, 2015

Life lately

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Hello my friends!

So I know there has been a huge pause on my blog but I plan to dive into this fully from now on. 
I don't know where to start. These past months has been very stressful, hectic, emotional. 
I graduated. So my pause started a month before. I wanted to focus on studying for at least once in my life :D. The I had to decide, whether I want to go on some university or not. I did two accepting tests, passed both and then decided to go to the Czech Agricultural University, but studying bachelor in economics.

But most of all I wanted to decide what I want to do with my life. And I haven't figured it out yet. I'm afraid I never will. I want to travel, probably like everybody else, I want to have successful career, probably like everybody else. Sometimes I feel so lost in life. But I'm not saying I'm the only one. 

Anyway here are some photos from these past months, hope you'll like it :)

At Prague Zoo, enjoying the weather.

 Gateway to Space exhibition.

 Cat in the box :D Cutest kitty ever.

 With my friend M. having lunch and FroYo.

 Sharing love with Amber.

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 Summer goals.

 She's not a cuddling type :D

 With my Blonde Boo. 

 Celebrating friends Birthday at Friday's

 He loves me as much as I do.

 Zoo lunch.

 Random horsey kiss on my way back home from my friend's birthday, when we decided to go through woods :D

And last but not least my friends new puppy I helped her chose, and visited her three times before we got her home. :) 

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  1. krásné fotky a ten yogurt, či co to je bych si hned dala :D :)