Apr 21, 2016


Hi everyone! It's been sooo long since I was actually posting something. My life has been full of changes recently. But I loved every part of it. I guess I should start from my last post, just to give it a little time scale.

October 2015 - I started working at Costa Coffee which eventually turned out to be the best I could ever do. My life changed from there. 
I visited Paris in January, with my grandparents and I loved every second of it. I broke up with my boyfriend, but it was more of an agreement which made it a lot easier for both of us. My life got a full twist. I started to be more outgoing and discovered a new parts of me which I adore. I got a chance to meet new amazing people that made me realise that there is nothing more important in life than being comfortable with your own self. 

Costa Coffee happened to be a place of my best friends turned family. I learned how to stress a little less and enjoy a little more. I started to accept myself for who I am finally  and learned to embrace it. All from body positivity to my true nature is now something I'm ready to cherish and protect anytime. 

I improved my make-up skills, started to wear lipsticks a lot more often and enjoy nights out with friends. Realising, that my friends and family are, and always were, the N°1 for me was the greatest conclusion I could ever come to. I tell everyone I love them, I hug and kiss them and I don't really care how annoying I am :D 

On Saturday I celebrated my 20th Birthday. It was the best night of my life! All my favorite people were there and I could'n be more happier. 

After a long time I feel like life is good.

Loads of looooove! 

Family <3

Squad goals <3


Abraxax loves me :D

Classic Saturday at work :D

My Ace

 Snapchat got me like :D

Adel alcoholic :D

Braids !

Love you, Adel


  1. Už jsem si říkala, co s tebou je, že jsi dlouho nic nepřidávala.:) Všechno nejlepší k naorzeninám. A barva ti sluší a práci ti moc přeji. :)